Fortunately, I got a job at the end of December and things are better for me now.

I came to Australia in August 2016 on Permanent residency visa. I got my visa in 3 months time considered my points were relatively higher compared to others in my Business Analyst occupation. Being an engineer and an MBA, I thought getting a job would not be that hard. But I was wrong. I brought with me my lifetime of savings to last for 5-6 months believing I will definitely get a job by then. It was a bold move as migrating to a country, leaving behind your own, is not an easy decision.

Initially, I came alone and was sharing a room with another person. The rent was pretty expensive and hence I had to cut down on my food. The first month I tried to contact all the recruiters, forwarded my CV to them and request them to at least meet me face to face to get a better understanding of my skills. Unfortunately, it was all in vain. I then broaden my search and started applying to other cities in Australia. 2 months had already passed and I did not get a single interview call. Pressure was building on me but I did not lose hope.

After 2 months, few recruiters started calling me back but due to no local experience, they were unable to place me for an interview. The holiday season was approaching and still, I was not able to secure a job. In the month of December, I received few interview calls and cleared 2 of them. I started thinking things are improving and my stars are in right order. Unfortunately, due to the holiday season, they did not offer me a role. They asked me to wait till the start of 2017. I was again without a job. I clearly understood it is not at all easy to get a job in Australia as I had thought before. It’s a different market altogether. It’s tough for immigrants to secure a role, as you don’t have a clue where to start, whom to contact, whom to meet, etc.

Fortunately, I got a job at the end of December and things are better for me now.


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