To all migrants like me: have hope, always

In Iran, I worked for the biggest and most famous companies. In Australia, I had been looking for a job for almost 1 and a half years. Over this time I struggled with many different things, including social anxiety. I have had to visit doctors, GPs, and psychologists to help me through this problem.

In my first month in Australia, I was interviewed and made the 4th and final stage. They chose not to proceed with me in the end.

My next opportunity came months later, and everything seemed fine. Until 10 minutes into the interview, I could no longer find my words. I was numb. In shock. Questions were not difficult but I couldn’t speak any answers. I felt like I had hit rock bottom. Then, I met Rinku and Connections. I was matched with my now employer and went through a staged interview process. When I found out I landed the role, I can’t explain my happiness. It was beyond happiness for me and my wife.

To all migrants like me: have hope, always!

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