Hard work without any direction is wasted effort, and I met someone who helped me channel my energy into the right path.

Of the various disciplines in the world, engineering continues to propel the growth of mankind. It was with this belief that I pursued that I chose I.T. and I felt the dream coming true after college, as I was hired by one of the top IT companies in India through placements.

After 3 years of some exceptional highs and low lows, I decided to quit my rather cushioned position in hopes of boosting my career and decided to pursue my masters in Australia. Unfortunately, within a few months of being in Sydney, it was clear to me that I had taken a huge gamble with my life. Life as a student in a foreign land comes with enormous challenges. Coming from a stable job, the rising tuition costs and fees, I found it hard to make
ends meet. From waiting tables to hous ecleaning, I took up a broad spectrum of part time jobs, working nights and days to scrape through paying for my rent and meals. Balancing studies was hard and my grades suffered. Even though I was living in the most beautiful cities of the world, there was never a day where I could just stop and stare at the world pass by.

Graduation came in later than expected but I was nevertheless pumped up and excited for returning to the professional world. I was hoping to repeat the success of my bachelors and find a brand I could continue my
professional life with here in Australia. However, between the glossy brochures and neatly structured pamphlets, right below the dotted line were the words that every international student dreaded. Opportunities were negligible
for those without a PR and the rare gems that opened their doors to students like me demanded local experience. I was in a Catch 22 as with a one year accelerated Master’s program I had not accrued enough points yet to be eligible for a permanent residency. Weeks and months passed by and the piling number of rejections assured me that my dreams were about to crash.

Being crippled by depression I went to India with no hope of ever coming back. After a few weeks, the pressure from family and friends to apply for jobs in India grew. The belief that the foreign degree with no experience was not going to help me push any ranks in the highly competitive IT world in India and that if were to choose to stay in India, I would have to start exactly where I had left of, knowing that my colleagues are now 3 years ahead of me in the game. Negative thoughts can rid the mind of off hope and after fighting these demons for a long time I decided to give it one last chance.So I returned to Sydney, I woke up every day like it’s a workday. I grabbed any open spot I could, the library or a coffee shop. I worked for 8 hours daily on my laptop enhancing my skills, studying harder to crack a higher score in IELTS and applying for jobs. Hard work without any direction is wasted effort, and I met someone who helped me channel my energy into the right path. Connections Australia, is one such venture that brings the careers to the people seeking them, through the ease of technology. When being constantly
faced with shut doors and feeling lost in the T&C of the procedure driven job market; Connections Australia can help cut the middlemen out and bring the people to the forefront

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