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Rinku Razdan is Connections Australia Founder & CEO. Her story reveals the journey which led her to create a mobile application that connects newcomers into Australia, potential employers and communities to assist them in getting settled into Australia. The video showcases the struggles of when she first arrived in Australia and why she created Connections to empower the user and connect individuals and businesses to their community..

Connections Australia New onboarding platform for migrants.

The Newcomer Blog

It all began with one woman’s ambition to build a platform for new Australians. We discuss the inspiration and vision behind our app with the

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What Can We Do podcast

No matter our chapter in life, we all began somewhere. Hear how Connections was started to help migrants settle into their new life in Australia.

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Coffee Pod #39:

Creating & Designing Solutions With Founder & CEO At Connections Australia Rinku Razdan

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“If someone would have helped me with settlement, held my hand and then shown me all the things I’d require to settle into Australia early on, I can assure you that within 4 or 5 years I would be doing what I’m doing now, rather than taking 17 years to get here,” Rinku said.

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Published On 04th Aug 2020

Employer can find their next candidates on Connections Australia” portal careers. 

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Not-for-profit service Connections Australia is helping migrants navigate a new country. Its founder Rinku Razdan says it’s the least she can do for those needing support like she once did.