Ask not what a migrant can do for you but what you can do for a migrant

Rinku Razdan
May 27, 2018

With 83% of migrant business owners starting their first business venture after moving to Australia. Of these, most started to try out a new innovative idea and persisted with 47% of migrant business owners aiming to generate higher revenue in the next 5 years, compared to 38% on non-migrants.

I find it interesting how people have different perception about migrants. Reality is anyone who moves to a new environment, country to country or city to city, is a migrant. You have just taken a leap of faith, all you need is a little initial support so you can adopt your environment well.

Whether we say it loud or not, reality is that we have just left everything & everyone behind, including our loved ones. We are emotionally compromised. We have hopes of making new friends and framalies (friends families), finding that job that makes us happy and we know we are suited to and sharing our culture, knowledge and journey with Australia.

As a migrant we make tough choices - choose between a better future for us, our children while letting go our desire to be with our families, a new language and culture while trying to hold onto our own and a new life while we reminiscence the old one.

I have now lived in Australia for 20 years. I didn't come to Australia by choice but I am glad I did. I love everything about this wonderful country - people, openness, beaches, food and much much more....... However, not a single day goes by when I don't think about my parents, my sister, my family and friends and everytime I wish, I could have both - my home here and my family too.

With ageing parents who need looking after, I've the tough task of making a choice between looking after my son (born here) or my parents. For someone who grew up in a loving family, thrives on making people happy, this decision is impossible, yet staring me down.

So, next time you come across a migrant, ASK NOT WHAT MIGRANT CAN DO FOR YOU BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR A MIGRANT.

What You Can Do

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