What is more valuable than money to a migrant?

Rinku Razdan
April 24, 2018

It is true that we all work hard to earn money. Also true that you need money to buy many wonderful things, including a lifestyle. However, when you have nothing but determination and a desire to turn your and others life around, somethings are more important than money. A chance, someone who believes in you. I remember like yesterday when I had nowhere to go with a child and all my household items on the side of the road. As night approached, I was worried about our safety, with no possible options, I made a call to someone I hardly knew. I had only met her a few times before but in desperation I called her. Della, my now Aussie guardian, not only took us in but allowed us to live with her for 6 months until we were back on our feet. She took a chance on an almost stranger. Had she not taken us in that night, our lives would have been very different. A few years ago I asked someone that I had never worked for to take a chance on me and give me a break in technology. It is because Neil took a chance and gave me first opportunity to work on a technology project, I thrive in this environment and found my passion for driving social changes through technology. So, I am grateful to Del and Neil for taking a chance on me and to many others who do the same for other migrants. Thank you to all Australians who took a chance on me, migrants like me, we will make you proud.

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