When life hands you lemon, make a lemonade...

Rinku Razdan
April 22, 2018

Whenever I deal with something I thought would trip me or bring me down. My son’s way of showing appreciation for my strength is to say - when life hands you lemon Mum, you make an awesome lemonade! So, shout out to all the migrants who are regularly making great lemonades. About 8 years ago, due to unfortunately series of events, I fell into depression. I found myself incapable of working or even looking after my son. Waking up in the morning was an achievement let alone making any life decisions. I hit my lowest point when one day I saw my son surrounded by empty cans and bottles and in desperation going through cupboards looking for food. I think it was for the first time in 6 months I noticed that my house looked and smelt like a sewer. As I was coming to grips with what my life had become, my son, covered in spaghetti sauce put his tiny arms around me and asked - “Are you feeling better Mum?”. To say that I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself to let it get to this point, understatement. I decided to restart my life again! I decided to do something I never thought I can achieve. I joined a charity group called Hike for Hunger and walked for 9 days from Canberra until we reached to the top of Mt Kosciusko. In a group of ardent hikers and extremely fit walkers, I was an anomaly. I was overweight - physically and mentally inept. But, I am a determined migrant hence against all odds, despite physical and emotional challenges, I walked everyday and finally reached the summit. This changed my life - I had a feeling of accomplishment. I did something that all, including myself didn’t think was possible. I overcame my fears, my insecurities and with renewed determination threw myself into making my son my only priority in life. He is now a proud university student and whenever we discuss our past, we are both humbled by how much lemonade we have made in the last 15 years. Life will always be full of ups and downs and frankly if you have not made a few lemonades, you have not lived yet.

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