If not for feedback, how would we grow?

Rinku Razdan
June 03, 2018

We have all been unsuccessful in various ventures in our lives - perhaps we didn't get the job we wanted or didn't manage to connect with someone.

Imagine if for every knock back someone could tell you why? What you could have done more, less, or differently.

I remember a few years ago when I was struggling to even put food on the plate and getting rejected from multiple jobs, I thought, "If only someone could tell me what I need to do different." If only someone could realise that by offering one job, they will save two lives - mine and my 3 year old son's.

At 'Connections' we think providing you with feedback is one of the most powerful ways to optimise your opportunities, in life and with employment. Every time you get rejected, we may not be able to save you from disappointment but we will ensure you understand the reason for rejection.

Realising the importance of feedback, I feel personally obliged to provide feedback to all who interact with me.

I recently called a few people to provide feedback when they were unsuccessful in applying for a position - after all we could only offer position to one person. The successful candidate may not be best skilled for the role but he is a great fit for the team and what this organisation stands for, hence we are all willing to invest our time in up-skiling him.

To my surprise, at my invitation to provide feedback to the unsuccessful candidates all but one were not interested. I was told, "we are too busy to talk", "we already know why you didn't select us", "What is the point" and just plain "No, thanks".

That one person I did speak to, we had a good long chat and I realised she had skills that someone else was looking for. I was more than happy to refer her and glad to hear later that things worked out.

For all those who are either too afraid to ask for feedback or do not understand the value of it, I would ask: If not for feedback, how would you grow?

If not for feedback, how would we grow?

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