Why do we need to appreciate migrant determination?

Rinku Razdan
April 25, 2018

I am always looking for inspiring stories and many come from your every day Migrants. I’ve met people who have sacrificed all they had to ensure their children have a better life. I’ve met people who selflessly give to others when they have almost nothing. Our unsung heroes.

Being a migrant is often underestimated - we forget that migrants have left everything they ever grew up with, family, friends, support, country and in most cases language to adopt Australia as home. To leave everything behind that you knew growing up, not a decision for faint hearted. It doesn’t matter the reason for their transition but the fact they have enough courage to do something different, needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

To start again, requires determination, resilience and tenacity beyond imagination. Hence migrants constitute approx 35% of small to medium businesses. They may still be learning to speak English but they can display unparalleled commercial acumen. They may still be learning the Aussie ways but they will set examples in community engagements. And they may be doing tough but they will always ensure their children do better than them.

So next time, we as a nation question whether it is worth inviting more migrants into this country, let’s think about the contribution migrants make to our commercial and social economy.

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