Are you an Aussie or not?

Rinku Razdan
April 26, 2018

I am often asked whether I am an Australian or an Indian. My response, I am both. I am a proud Australian who was born in India. I grew up and studied in India but I found myself and home in Australia.

To ask me to make that choice is like asking me to pick a favourite parent as I love them equally and need both in my life. They both make me who I am.

I grew up in a traditional Indian family - Dad worked and provided for the Home while mum was in charge of operations. I learnt from my dad that nothing is too big if you have desire and determination and I learnt from my mum that every situation, no matter how tough, a matter of time.

Opera House

I learnt from my Aussie family that generosity has many faces and nothing matters more than people in your life. I love my vegemite as much as I love a curry. I am a mad follower of Aussie Open and footy but I am equally a proud supporter of Indian cricket team. I speak English as fluent as I speak Hindi and I love interacting with my Aussie friends and family as much I love breaking bread with my Asian/European and African friends.

So, next time you ask a migrant where is home, think about why they came here at the first place. I am an Aussie Indian and I can not be one without the other.

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