About Us

Connections is a pro-social enterprise established in 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to build constructive and fruitful relationships (hence the name, “connections”) for migrants. Our definition of who is a migrant is intentionally broad: Australia is a nation of migrants, since almost every family is a migrant family if enough history is considered

Nonetheless, we deliberately keep migrants in our vision to keep ourselves focused on helping the particularly disadvantaged: those seeking refuge from humanitarian crises abroad; those facing language barriers; those facing social isolation in Australia; those who are taking care of dependents; those with financial struggles; those experiencing difficulty with employment; etc.

We believe that, currently, the building of these valuable relationships can be catalysed and accelerated through the provision of an on-boarding platform available to anyone at anytime.

Our Projects and Ambitions

Apps for Android and iOS devices to help connect migrants, employers, and service providers in order to enable and encourage migrant employment.

A geographically aware listing of upcoming community, cultural, and sporting events.

A ‘How To’ interactive guide to help migrants settle into Australia.

Australian demographic data to help migrants find their ethnical and like-minded peers.

A Web Portal for employers to post jobs and get instantly matched to skilled workers.

Creating human centric solution by all day events where we invite people of multicultural background.

Founder's Story

Connections was founded in Sydney in 2017 by first-generation migrant Rinku Razdan, who faced many barriers as a newly arrived migrant and single mother of a young child. After overcoming her adversities, Rinku volunteered for various migration centres and local neighbourhoods where multicultural communities were present. It was her life-changing experiences and strong passion for helping others which empowered Rinku to form Connections. Combining her love for technology and philanthropy, she has since worked to assist others who are in the same situation that she once was. Rinku currently works as a business and technology consultant alongside her management of Connections.

Our People

Connections is a diverse extended team of volunteers from China, India, Philippines and Australia who are inspired to use technology to better the welfare of others. As a majority of us hail from migrant backgrounds, we have a drive to help those who share similar experiences of moving to and living in a new country. Above all, we seek to foster inclusion and transparency in everything we do, from the way we build our app to the multicultural communities we engage and support.

Getting you started. Let us help you settle into a new country

New Australian - Learn all about living in Australia, find your next job and meet new friends on our app. Employers - Find a skilled worker of diverse background at no cost.